Dog Separation Anxiety Day- 30th September

Let’s spread the word and help more dogs be happier home alone.

Join us in our first Dog Separation Anxiety Day on Friday 30th September and share the awareness for owners about finding out if their pups are coping when home alone.

Tell us about your dog and how they manage when away from you – use #DogSeparationAnxietyDay in all your posts so we can see them!

Let’s help more dog owners and spread the message across the internet!

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Don’t forget to use #DogSeparationAnxietyDay on every post!

With my puppy, I knew she cried a lot when I even just left the room, but I had no idea about Separation Anxiety, let alone how to help her.  I became trapped in my own home as nothing I followed on the internet helped, in fact leaving her to cry and in a crate made her worse.

Many owners are not even aware their dog struggles

  • You may see some drool signs on the floor but dismiss them as not important
  • They stop barking when they hear your car return home so you are unaware that they were noisy
  • You may see some scratch or bite marks and think it is just normal puppy behaviour
  • You can’t hear them if you are away from the home
  • You may think that your dog is not properly toilet trained, but in reality they have soiled the floor in fear.

We want to make this annual day, 30th September, the day everyone sets up some videoing of their dog and watch them live to see if they can cope being home alone.

Why wait until your furniture is destroyed

Why wait until your neighbours complain of the noise

Why allow your puppy to be so distressed and frightened and not know how to feel better about being home alone.

Grab our guide on ways to watch your dog and get viewing!

Signs of anxiety to look for in your video watching are:

  • Lip licking
  • Paw lift
  • Yawning when not tired
  • Jerky head movements
  • Running to the exit door/gate
  • Vocalising

See these signs?  Get back indoors quick!!!

We would love to hear from you about what you saw your dog get up to!  Don’t leave your dog to howl for a long time, just find out if your dog does and then return to them quickly!

Whether its on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, we want to get the message across to as many dog owners as possible (other pets allowed), so remember to use the hashtag #dogseparationanxietyday and tag us @pippinpets, so we can share your pictures and see your comments.

Dog Separation Anxiety has increased by 700% since Covid  lockdowns started, so let’s get the help out there to all the dogs in need.

Use #DogSeparationAnxietyDay on every post on 30th September

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