Treats & Toys

We love the Tug-e-Nuff chaser toys.  What can be better than seeing your pup super excited playing with the toy with you on the other end.  Different handle lengths, bungee buffers and a range of ‘grab’ textures for your pup.  Just remember to keep sessions short, fun, and play with the grab end low to the ground so your pup can keep all paws on the floor as they are running around you!  They also have clam toys – great for chase games and a food treat hidden inside!

As I’m a Partner for them, use this link to order your toys and get 10% off your first order…

One of my most favourite interactive feeders…. large opening at top makes filling easy, and more accessible for your pup.  However, there are filaments inside so it is more of a challenge to get all those tasty treats out.  Durable, freezable and fun, your pup will love these.

3 colours – Orange, green or blue. Large £25

Fresh cooked food delivered frozen to your door.  Wide range of flavours, and eco packaging too.

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Fresh cooked food delivered in meal portion sizes, delivered frozen to your door.  Use this link for 75% off your first box.

The Treats

We have partnered with Woolf snacks to provide you with natural, healthy and low fat treats, as well as JR Pet Products for their natural chews.

Eating lots of junk food can be bad for health and weight, and it’s the same for our dogs. We have tried and tested many different brands but wanted to find something natural and healthy so our dogs remain fit and well, but still enjoy treats for training or chews just because its a natural habit that we like to encourage. We have come across many dogs with special diet needs, who’s owner struggle to get treats to suit their sensitive stomachs. We feel Woolf snacks meet these requirements as well as being tasty and available in many varieties. They are made of 100% high quality protein sources to provide the highest quality and the best nutritional intake. The Woolf snack , once cooked, is packed without any chemical additives, preservatives or colouring. To ensure the conservation, an oxygen absorber is placed within the bag.

Our monthly subscription boxes are made up of either 2 or 4 x 100g Woolf snack packs which will be a variety of flavours, and either a natural chew from JR Pet Products (we LOVE their super low fat Ostrich braids) or a pack of Feelwells Duck and Oat Bedtime Biscuits (approx 20 per bag).

The Boxes

Sign up to receive a monthly box of branded treats. Choose between our SMALL box which will be 2 x 100g Woolf snack packets and one other treat, or our MEDIUM box which contain 4 x 100g Woolf snack packets and one other treat. These will be dispatched at the beginning of each month and will arrive on your doorstep.

All you need to do is to provide us with your email – use the GET IN TOUCH form on this site – and we will send out a registration form for more details (about your dog, any dietary requirements they have and where to send the treats), and the link to set up the regular payment via Go Cardless. Prices include postage.

Small box £14 per month

Medium box £20 per month

We will be setting up online ordering in due course…!

To see the ingredients CLICK HERE!

All of these goodies for canine enrichment can be bought from Pippin Pets – we bring them to our training sessions and classes but if you want one now, contact us to order directly. We will deliver to local clients (in the Guildford/Godalming/Cranleigh area) but if further out, we will charge additional for packing and postage.  This includes the Pure Meat Pate, Woolf Luxury Snack bags and Toppls.

Toys for enrichment and Perfect Fit harness

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