These fantastic harnesses have many adjustable parts so it can fit snugly but comfortably to your pup with no pulling over their heads.  Front and back rings allow for extra control for loose lead walking with a double ended lead.

We fit and supply, and the prices are for the full service –
15mm range £48
20mm range £54
40mm range £60


Click here to see pupster in action with her Snuffle Mat

These various coloured mats are just fab for serving dry biscuits in.  As well as their tasty dinner, your pup has the wonderful task of foraging and sniffing – just what their nose was designed for.  Great to use as an alternative to the bowl for some of their weekly meals.

Medium (40x18cm) £22

One of my most favourite interactive feeders…. large opening at top makes filling easy, and more accessible for your pup.  However, there are filaments inside so it is more of a challenge to get all those tasty treats out.  Durable, freezable and fun, your pup will love these.

3 colours – Orange, green or blue. Large £20

Orange or green £5


Classic Kong and Quests interactive feeder toys – stuff treats with food – natural yohurt/cream cheese mixed with chicken, ham, beef, (safe) vegetables, fruit, a dash of honey, a dollop of marmite – what is your dog’s favourite?  Keep some in the fridge or freezer ready for any time you want to occupy your pup.  Quests come in Bone, Wishbone or Starpod shapes
Small £6
Large £10
Classic only medium £8

Great to mash into feeders or chopped up for training treats. Salmon, Turkey or Chicken flavour 400g £3 each

We love the Tuff-e-Nuff chaser toys.  What can be better than seeing your pup super excited playing with the toy with you on the other end.  Different handle lengths, bungee buffers and a range of ‘grab’ textures for your pup.  Just remember to keep sessions short, fun, and play with the grab end low to the ground so your pup can keep all paws on the floor as they are running around you!  They also have clam toys – great for chase games and a food treat hidden inside!

Use this code now to order your toys…

Some essential items to get you started with your puppy:

Lickimat, kong/teething interactive toy, tick twister, clicker and treats

Premium kit includes the above as well as treat pouch and kong soft toy   (Available soon)

All of these goodies and canine enrichment toys can be bought from Pippin Pets – we bring them to our training sessions and classes but if you want one now, contact us to order directly.   We will deliver to local clients (in the Guildford/Godalming/Cranleigh area) but if further out, we will charge additional for packing and postage.

We fit the Perfect Fit Harnesses on site, so contact us to book an appointment for this service.