Courses and Classes

We want you to be reassured that by choosing us, you are getting a more personal and tailored service using methods that build your relationship with your dog.

Jo continues her studies to bring you her knowledge of understanding what dogs are saying to us, how they learn and how she can coach you to have the most rewarding relationship with your dog.

Some common training requests that we cover include walking your dog nicely on a lead, coming to you when called, focus and attention, able to settle your dog out and about, preparing for grooming and vet handling, solving the jumping up, chewing and toileting problems and leaving objects alone when needed.

A dog’s best asset is their nose; their ability to sniff and determine tiny particles of scent is amazing so we proudly run scent work classes to keep your dog’s nose (and brain) busy – a perfect pastime for busy or bad weather days.

We provide recommendations of quality products and some offer codes, as well as the opportunity to buy tried and tested enrichment toys.

All clients booked on our 121 face to face training receive a goody bag of information, treats and clicker so you are all ready for your training.

You will get support from us during your course of sessions in case you have questions between sessions.

If you look up Separation Anxiety in Google, there is a maze of conflicting advice, and how do you know what works?

I can help you!  Having a dog with this panic disorder is hard work but with time, patience and the right method, your dog can get over their phobia, and you can get your freedom back.

Find out more here.

**  All session are outdoors or online in line with current Covid guidance.

I meet you to provide a tailored and personal training plan to help you with your dog. It could be that you cannot commit or enjoy group classes, or you have some specific issues that you need help with.

Sessions can be used for any life stage of your dog – from preparing your home and getting ready for the first few weeks when your puppy or dog arrives, to the early lessons and helping them settle in and build the relationship with you, to the adolescent and adult ages where you may need some extra help with specific challenges.

I get to know you and your dog, and work with you to give you the tools you need to be able to practice what you have learnt with confidence.

121 training is suitable for nervous or anxious dogs that may find group classes overwhelming. Newly rehomed dogs will benefit from 121 training as they transition and settle into your home.


One hour session              £60

Contact me here to book a 121 session

Beginner courses are 6 weeks and each class is 50 mins. Places are limited to 4 dogs so you get plenty of guidance and opportunity to practice in the class.

I teach your dogs to be confident around various objects, how to search them and introduce signature scents (clove for beginners) to find. I coach you on your handling techniques, and exercises to teach your dog to freeze as an indication to finding the clove scent.

This is a great low impact activity suitable for all dog breeds, sizes and ages. Sniffing uses their brain and can be tiring so they take it in turns to search. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed, I love watching the dogs blossom on their scentwork journey.

Price for the beginners course is £150

Once your dog can find clove, then you will be able to attend workshops on scent work, held at other venues too

Our online courses are available to start at any time, and work through at your convenience.  All reward based and include demo of exercises and useful information.

Click on the link here to look at the courses available.

To get the most from the class, I limit the class size to 4 dogs.  With fewer dogs, you get more attention, guidance and focus, and is less distracting for the puppies but they still work in the vicinity of other dogs.

Our courses are 6 weeks and each session is about 50 mins.

I cover common puppy topics such as mouthing, toilet training, jumping up, what is socialisation, dog body language and handling. Essential skills are taught using reward based methods to teach your dog to walk on a loose lead, recall back to you, settle by your feet, drop an object, dog greetings, stay and leave it.

I teach you how using a clicker can help the puppies to learn what they are doing is correct, and enable you to train your puppy where it counts – at your home and regular walks.

BONUS: To support your learning, I include access to our online tutorials.  These are arranged in accordance with the course content so you can refer to these and watch us demo the exercises again.


£150 for the course

Once your pup has done the beginners puppy course, then they may need more help as they hit the hormonal teenage months.  This 6 week course has a main theme of FOCUS.  We will revisit some of the essential skills and increase the level of difficulty and distractions around them.  You will also learn some new games and skills too.  Everything will work on making your relationship with your dog stronger, and keeping their attention more on you when you need it.

Suitable for dogs between 6 and 18 months, we only have 4 dogs in the class so it’s not too overwhelming for them.

Price is £150 per dog.

I run other classes and workshops in the Shamley Green area, topics and dates will be advertised on my events list below and on my Pippin Pets facebook page.

Occasional Events:

An Evening With Your Dog – this is an indoor on-lead event to allow you to spend quality time with your dog whilst trying out tug toys, practice training, engaging activities for your dogs as well as a cuppa chatting to other owners and your trainer Jo.

Dates will be released on our calendar as well as facebook, but you can register your interest with us in advance.

To book online, go to the event listed below, click on it and follow the instructions.  Book for the number of dogs attending!

You will be taken to a booking form – if you are new to Pippin Pets – please fill in ALL the boxes.  Repeat customers, just the required fields (as we have the other info!).

Having never had a dog before, we thought it a good idea to get some friendly advice. Jo came and visited us a few days before our labradoodle puppy Marty arrived and got us well and truly prepared. Then, after a few days his training began. It was amazing and we can’t thank Jo enough. We shall definitely see her for a top up as he grows. Clever dog training worked brilliantly for our puppy and us!
Gail and Marty, The Labradoodle
We contacted Jo at Pippin Pet Services after we re-homed a one year old Dachshund. We didn’t know too much of the behavioural history or what training had been completed in the past. With Jo’s help we were able to address a few little issues and begin building on his training, session by session. Each lesson was informative and tailored to our specific needs. We now have a very happy, well behaved little dog who is a great addition to our family. Would definitely highly recommend Pippin Pet Services.
Robin and Ferdie, The Dachshund
Having had a Cairn before I knew they could be a challenge to train and so when our 9 week Cairn puppy arrived I soon realised I needed help. Jo from Pippin Pet Services was just the help we needed. As I cannot drive pet training was always going to need to be local. So what is more local than the training coming to your home! Brilliant! My dog and I were on familiar ground and Jo could see the behaviour that I needed help with (mine and the puppy’s!). We had five tailored sessions which included the basics of recall and attention along with other fun stuff. The plan l have now is to go back to Jo to develop the training so that I and my young dog are better equipped to be responsible and polite in public. I recommend you give PIPPIN a go!
Graham and Barley, The Cairn Terrier

As seen in Dogs Today Magazine