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You’re here because you’re looking for help with your dog. 

Whether that’s a solution to stop your dog doing the loopy-lou whenever someone pops over for a cuppa or help to get your dog to actually come back with gusto when called. 

Or maybe, you’re having a really hard time leaving your dog alone, and the stress of it all has you at your wit’s end. 

I’m Jo, and I’m an ABTC accredited positive reward dog trainer who’s absolutely nuts about helping you understand your dog, so you can solve whatever doggy problems brought you here. 

Good behaviour isn’t luck; it’s training + understanding

If you’ve ever looked on with envy at a fellow dog owner and wondered just how they got so lucky with a dog that puts on a pawfect performance at every turn, wonder no more. 

It’s not luck. And it’s not just dog training. It’s understanding. 

When you truly understand your dog, and how they experience the world, you can teach them how to enjoy it. 

This wasn’t what I expected….

Reba was my first ever dog. I brought her home at 8 weeks old full of excitement and joy for what was to come. 

Little did I know at the time that I wouldn’t sleep for a year and that she’d be so riddled with anxiety that we’d both be completely crackers and in need of some serious help. 

See, Reba was incredibly anxious from the outset. She was unable to be left alone for even a minute. Making a cup of tea, taking a shower or putting the bins out became a huge event, and the stress levels were rising by the day. 

I didn’t know what separation anxiety was at the time. I had no clue what was going on or how to begin to fix it. 

I spoke to my vet and took to Google, but everything I tried just made things ten times worse. 

I just kept being told to persevere with crate training, but Reba was severely crate phobic, and the persistence just made her anxiety grow. 

Eventually, I began to understand separation anxiety, and I rather haphazardly managed to help Reba feel more confident alone. It took a long time, and it was a lot of trial and error. 

If I knew then what I know now, it could have been so much easier and quicker for us both. 

I’m now a certified separation anxiety pro trainer. I’m devoted to helping other owners and dogs struggling with separation anxiety to build their dog’s confidence with an easy to follow, structured training plan that works. 

Working with Jo was an absolute pleasure. To begin with, our 10month Cavapoo would become anxious and distressed at being left for under 60 seconds. However, under Jo’s expert guidance, we began to understand Loki’s body language and the importance of laying solid foundations to support the separation training. 

Now we feel confident to continue working with Loki and gradually increasing his tolerance to being on his own. We are slowly but surely able to leave him for longer periods of time. 

Anyone looking for a thorough and supportive approach to separation anxiety would be in wonderful hands with Jo.

Loki’s family

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Helping you understand your dog, so you can teach them effectively

Who doesn’t want a dog who makes them proud and is a joy to be with? 

All of my dog training classes and 1-2-1 sessions bring together actionable training for your dog, coupled with training for you so that you can begin to see for yourself the best way to help your dog in any given situation. 

I make my training sessions fun for both the dogs and humans so that you’re both motivated and fired up to get the maximum out of every lesson. 

I believe the best relationship you can have is one based on trust, built by training without force, fear or pain. I fully subscribe to reward-based training that is kind, effective and inclusive for all the family to get involved in.

I felt comfortable that we had joined a professional programme as I received an intro email straight away. The weekly lessons were well spent learning tips and tricks to ensure we were giving our dog the best training. 

Jo was a wonderful trainer and was patient and clear in her instruction. The classes were small to allow a bit of social interaction but also one-on-one time. 

Chloe loved the dedicated time we spent with her. We finished the training with a better understanding of how to communicate with our dog and have better quality time. Thank you Jo, and keep up the awesome work!

Chloe’s family

Let’s get some tail’s wagging! 

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