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Whether you need help with puppy training, adult dog training or separation anxiety, you’re in the right place. 

Imagine if you could not only train your dog effectively but understand them better! When you understand your dog, you are gifted a superpower that makes not only your training, but your life together infinitely happier and easier. 

Hi, I’m Jo. I’m a positive dog trainer committed to helping you teach your dog how to happily be on their best behaviour. When your dog is well trained, you’ll enjoy every second with them and they’ll enjoy a lot more freedom to boot. 


A well trained dog is a happy dog 

At Pippin Pets Dog Training your dog’s education journey is important. From the very start of arriving at your home and settling in, through early training and how to navigate the world, to sports and activities to keep their brain and body busy, training sets your dog up to have the best in life. 

When a dog (and its owner!) are well trained, they are both far happier. Because a well trained dog means more freedom for both of you. With positive dog training, you can enjoy your dog without worrying what crazy behaviour is coming next!

I provide 1-2-1 coaching and group dog training classes that will help you achieve a well behaved and happy dog both at home and out in the world so that wherever you are with your dog, you’ll feel proud as punch. 

What do you need help with today?

Dog Training

Teach your dog to come back when called, walk nicely on the lead, stop jumping up, or to unleash their inner calm. 

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Puppy Training

Lay incredible foundations for a well-mannered family member that’ll make you proud. 

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Separation Anxiety Training

Discover a simple step by step training method that’ll help your dog relax alone, and get your freedom back.

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1-2-1 Dog Training and Group Classes

Guildford, Godalming, West Horsley, Cranleigh & surrounding areas  

Separation Anxiety Training  

Train anywhere; remote training for optimum results 

Jo is an absolute star. We completed a 6-week puppy class and then a 6-week adolescent course with her. She is knowledgeable and trustworthy. 

She will teach you how to train your dog so that your adorable puppy or distracted adolescent will develop as fantastic, well-mannered family members. 

She will show you effective techniques on how to teach your dog basic commands, (to look at you, sit properly, come back when called) but also useful, smart “tricks” (e.g. what games to do at the vet, how to increase focus). 

She is kind, funny, and her enthusiasm is contagious. Her training style is 100% positive and based on reward – none of those obsolete, punishment-based training techniques. 

Jo also always has time for any questions you may have, and she is happy to help you with any challenges you may face with your dog. If we decide to do another course, it will certainly be with her again. Thank you so much, Jo!

Georgie’s family

Not sure what service is right for you? 

I’m just a click away, drop me an email or give me a call and let’s figure out your next steps to having the dog you dream of. 

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