Separation Anxiety Training For Dogs

Rediscover your freedom and help your dog to feel confident alone

Do you feel trapped, isolated, perhaps even held hostage by your dog’s separation anxiety? 

Maybe your dog barks and howls up a storm when left alone, or your furnishings take a pummelling whenever you leave the house. Perhaps you come home to puddles on the floor, or you may even feel your blood pressure rising just preparing to leave the house.  

Separation anxiety is as stressful for humans as it is for their dogs. 

I know, I’ve been there, and I’ve had way more sleepless nights over it than I’d like to admit. Feeling worried about your dog’s emotional state coupled with your own palpable emotions is a horrible place to be, and at times it can feel truly hopeless. 

But there is a solution. Your life won’t be like this forever. 

What would it feel like to have a clear step by step plan that will enable your dog to comfortably spend time alone?

Humour me and imagine being able to pop to the shops without worrying that you’ll return to an angry neighbour complaining about all the howling and barking…. again! Or to find your living room still in one piece, just the way you left it. 

One day, you’ll leave the house, and your dog won’t give a hoot. And then you’ll have a different trench of emotions to deal with! 

This isn’t a dream. It is entirely possible for you. You just need a structured training plan that adapts to your individual dog so that you can build your dog’s confidence and comfort in being left alone. 

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“You’ve literally changed our lives, I know we are only at the beginning, but I feel so much less stressed and more hopeful since you’ve helped us. You’re amazing!”

Luna’s family

Separation Anxiety Training For Dogs

All of our specialist separation anxiety training packages are undertaken online, which means wherever you are in the world, I can help you! 

Separation Anxiety Training is best undertaken remotely. Why? Well, because once we’ve completed your initial training, your dog will need to be alone, of course!

All you need to train with me is a secure internet connection, Zoom, and a camera – so you can keep an eye on your dog’s behaviour when you’re not there. 

All my programmes come with an easy to use App, which will give you an instant view of your training plan each day. 

How we can train together

Say yes to freedom and a calm, relaxed, happy dog

To book a free discovery call to chat through your options, or to start your 1-2-1 separation anxiety training , please use the calendar and checkout below. 

To book your place in a Group Training Course, select the start date and follow the instructions below.

After: Relaxed at home

Finally understand how to help your dog overcome their anxiety

I thought the information given and your knowledge of the subject was amazing. More importantly, very relevant and extremely helpful. 

I tried so many different techniques before without success. You took the time to answer all my questions and tailor the training to both the dogs and owners needed during the sessions. The email support between sessions, often proactive, was much appreciated, too.

I feel that I know much more about the subject now and also how to read Kallie’s body language more closely. 

I very much like your positive motivational approach to training on what can be quite a challenging behaviour for a dog owner. I would certainly recommend this course and your training to others.

Kallie’s family

Ongoing Separation Anxiety Support

Once you’ve completed your starter package, you can continue the journey with me on a reduced contact basis.  There are a few options to suit what level of support you may continue to need. 

Renewals: Lighter Touch Separation Anxiety Training

My lighter touch package is a brilliant way to continue your training with 1-2-1 support once the foundations of your training have been laid.

Each month you will have continued access to the App with up to 5 tailored plans a week, video reviews, ongoing Whatsapp support and continued access to the Facebook community group.

Monthly subscription = £150 (per month) – this includes regular Whatsapp access to me and a Zoom catch up during the month

Super light monthly subscription = £75 (per month) – this has limited Whatsapp access.


Not sure if your dog has Separation Anxiety? Let’s look at the common signs of separation anxiety in dogs.

The following signs may appear when you’re preparing to leave the house or whilst you are away.

  • Vocalisation – whimpering, howling, barking or whining
  • Agitated, pacing, unable to relax
  • Destruction – to their bed, furniture, crate or other items in the home
  • Noise Sensitivity
  • Hyper alert to your movements and their surroundings
  • Crate phobic
  • Elimination or defecation when left

Curing dog separation anxiety quickly

The question on every dog owner contending with separation anxiety in their dog is ‘how long will it take?’

And the honest truth is, it takes as long as it takes. I can’t promise you quick fixes because if you rush the training, you’ll only find your dog is more anxious and less able to be alone. 

With a gentle start to your training though, you’ll be celebrating small wins before you know it. 

If you’ve never had a dog with separation anxiety it is really easy to dismiss it, it was really hard to explain to even very experienced dog owners that we just couldn’t leave her. 

Having someone who understood really, really helped. 

We’ve gone from not being able to stand up to departures long enough to be able to take a book and cup of tea to the car. We’re still going slowly (and will need to wean ourselves off watching the “Maple cam”) but we have hope of a dog-free date night in the future! 

Maple’s family

You’ll be able to do far more than put the bins out and take a shower stress-free once you’ve completed your training. With time and effort, your dog will be able to relax whilst you pop out for longer stretches, and you’ll finally have some spontaneity back in your life. 

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