Do you feel like a prisoner in your own home, unable to pop out and leave your dog?

Do you dread coming home to the mess, scratches, howling and seeing your dog in a distressed state?

Your dog is not punishing you for going out, instead they are in a blind panic at being home alone.  They just don’t know what to do with themselves, and try to escape.  It’s heart-breaking for most owners to see.

If you look up Separation Anxiety in Google, there is a maze of conflicting advice, and how do you know what works?

I can help you!  Having a dog with this panic disorder is hard work but with time, patience and the right method, your dog can get over their phobia, and you can get your freedom back.

My own dog had severe separation anxiety from day 1 and after many misguided ‘solutions’, I now know what works and more importantly, what doesn’t.  I have invested lots of time and in my accredited and certified training qualifications to learn just about Separation Anxiety as well as the personal experience of living with a dog that couldn’t be left alone.  Its all about keeping the fear away and building her up to be more relaxed about me going out.  Now I have more spontaneity in my life, and can leave my dog at home safely, knowing she is relaxed.

There is no quick fix, it’s a slow methodical process that can be emotionally tiring but I will support you, guide you on the method, and motivate you when you need me to.  Your dog will only be left alone for as long as they can cope with.

Our training is done remotely, so that you can practice leaving your dog alone in real life situations, and I will help you with setting rewarding goals.

I see all the time from clients saying that they had wished they had started the training sooner.  Now is the best time to start.  If you are currently at home and need to prepare to return to work or social events, plan now for the future for when they will be left alone so you won’t need to worry about the state of your house when you return.

If you don’t take action soon to help your dog, what would you feel like when you return to work, and wished you had done it.  You will still have to pay for expensive day care, make complicated arrangements to not leave your dog alone, and the cost of replacing carpets and furniture. Having a dog with Separation Anxiety is stressful for all the household.  I can help you so get in touch with me.

Our 121 Remote Training:

We offer a range of packages to suit you.

MOST POPULAR: 4 week Intensive package – £420

This includes:

  • Initial one hour assessment where we will get you started, discuss the process and do a live assessment to see where we need to start the first plan
  • Up to 5 bespoke training plans a week so you know what you need to do each day and the target times to work to
  • Access to a bespoke App with all your plans available at a glance on your mobile and where you can leave and see feedback on each plan, as well as progress trackers
  • Weekly 30 mins video calls to talk through any queries, questions or celebrate your progress.
  • Video Reviews –  we ask you to submit videos of your training in the first weeks (and afterwards if you need help) so we can help you understand your dog
  • Whatsapp support (during working day hours)
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group with other clients for chat and support.

8 week Intensive package – £750

As above, but for a longer period of time so you can really get your teeth into the training and understand how you are helping your dog.

2 week Try Out package – £195
If our longer packages look daunting, but you are keen to learn more and find out if this training is for you, then this is a great starting option. You will be sent 5 training plans a week that we will do live online, and by the end of the 2 weeks you will have a much better understanding of Separation Anxiety.  This short course consists of 10 short sessions over two weeks on Zoom.
121 Lighter Touch Packages:
If you are new to the training, the first month will include an initial assessment by Zoom.
Each month you will have access to the App with up to 5 tailored plans a week, video reviews, up to 60 mins of Zoom SOS help a month and access to the Facebook group.
  • Initial month (for new clients) £150
  • Monthly subscription plan £75 (per month) **

** many of our clients move to this plan after initially starting with the intensive packages

If you have any questions, use the Get In Touch page to send me an email to arrange a 15 min call with me.

Before: Anxious at the door

After: Relaxed at home

Get in Touch
Having never had a dog before, we thought it a good idea to get some friendly advice. Jo came and visited us a few days before our labradoodle puppy Marty arrived and got us well and truly prepared. Then, after a few days his training began. It was amazing and we can’t thank Jo enough. We shall definitely see her for a top up as he grows. Clever dog training worked brilliantly for our puppy and us!
Gail and Marty, The Labradoodle
We contacted Jo at Pippin Pet Services after we re-homed a one year old Dachshund. We didn’t know too much of the behavioural history or what training had been completed in the past. With Jo’s help we were able to address a few little issues and begin building on his training, session by session. Each lesson was informative and tailored to our specific needs. We now have a very happy, well behaved little dog who is a great addition to our family. Would definitely highly recommend Pippin Pet Services.
Robin and Ferdie, The Dachshund
Having had a Cairn before I knew they could be a challenge to train and so when our 9 week Cairn puppy arrived I soon realised I needed help. Jo from Pippin Pet Services was just the help we needed. As I cannot drive pet training was always going to need to be local. So what is more local than the training coming to your home! Brilliant! My dog and I were on familiar ground and Jo could see the behaviour that I needed help with (mine and the puppy’s!). We had five tailored sessions which included the basics of recall and attention along with other fun stuff. The plan l have now is to go back to Jo to develop the training so that I and my young dog are better equipped to be responsible and polite in public. I recommend you give PIPPIN a go!
Graham and Barley, The Cairn Terrier

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