It’s no surprise that if we feed our dogs – one of their key welfare needs – then something has to come out the other end.

And it is our responsibility to deal with the aftermath – a load of poo!

When we toilet, we flush it away.  We clean up after ourselves.  So it is only logical that we have to do something with the dog muck that lands at our feet -hopefully not literally!

But this concept of clearing up after our dogs is a myth to some owners.

There is nothing worse than stepping in some smelly, slippery brown mess, sticking to the sole of your shoe, and then treading it indoors around your home.  Or realising but not having anything to clean yourself with.

Leaving dog poo on the path, whether a tarmac urban one or a grass/sandy main trail where you know others will walk is quite frankly despicable.  Leaving piles of brown on sports pitches is disgusting, and it’s just arrogance and irresponsible to ignore your dog squat when it’s obvious they are being let out to toilet, or even not even bother watching your dog at all!

Now clearing up any mess is not pleasant, but it has to be our responsibility to do it.

There are many types of bags on the market, but I use the Adios Plastics compostable bags.  I don’t have a compost heap, but at least there is no plastic in the landfill.  However, they do not contain the smell.

Carrying around the bag is not nice, as dog’s nearly always go to the loo in the first part of the walk, and it is not convenient to walk back to the car to hang it off the rear wiper (until I can throw it in the bin at home).

I live across 2 boroughs, and one side do provide bins in some places, but the other one doesn’t.  However, bin or no bin, it seems that some people even manage to pick up the poo in a bag, and then leave it.  In trees, by the base of trees, thrown in bushes, or just left in situ where it happened.

Some may leave the bag to collect at the end of the walk, but often walkers don’t retrace their steps, so forget or don’t go past the bag again.

One place I visit has a bin in the car park, but further along the path is a ‘poo bag tree’ so you can hang the bag on that (not the natural trees) and collect later.  But many get left there until some poor soul has to collect them all.

There was a recent programme on Channel 5 highlighting the problem of poo and poo bags being abandoned.  It was full of facts and figures about the councils and what they do (or don’t do) about the problem.

It should not be their problem. Yes, bins are great, but they are never in the right place as dog’s delay their poo sometimes for a while, and often they are overflowing.

It should be every owners responsibility to clear up.  Every time…. unless like yesterday my dog went under a bramble thicket to have a private poo and there was no way of reaching in!

But they didn’t provide a solution.  I was taught by a wise boss once to only present a problem if there was a solution to discuss – or a choice of solutions to ponder over.

There is a solution though – I use the Dicky Bag!

It’s an insulated small bag so it holds in the smell, clips to the lead or jeans belt loops, and you can put the bags in it until you find a suitable bin – or home.  In the top part you can store your empty poo bags, and the main section has a scented disc so it smells 100% better when you put in the full bags!

There are various sizes so you can find one to suit your dog/dogs.

Here is a link to their website –

(And here is a little discount code to use – Pippins)

Using it means my hands are free to hold leads, treats or even play with my dog and I don’t have to worry about putting my hand in my pocket and accidently piercing the bag I put in their earlier.  Or worse, hang my coat up forgetting completely there is a full bag in my home…yuk!  In summer I don’t have the pockets so this is where the Dicky Bag comes in really handy!

There is one other aspect to talk about and that is how healthy your dog poo is, and how much/often the go.

You want to feed your dog the best food you can.  Quality over quantity.

If they are getting all their nutrients from a top food, then there will be less poo coming out the other end.  Feed junk, then they will poo more and you actually have to feed them more to get even close to the nutrients they need. And they won’t be as easy to pick up!!!

So don’t be a spoilsport, look after your parks and walking environments, and CLEAR UP AFTER YOUR DOG!