After hunkering down from a long winter, we start to emerge in Spring and look forward to the first long bank holiday of the year – Easter!


Daffodils, bbq’s, friends, beaches and chocolate fun for all the family.  And here I hope that you do get to have some time off – it all depends on your workplace.


But Easter is a busy time for our vets and Bank Holiday vets can be very expensive.   To allow them to have time off too, here are our suggestions for a happy and dog friendly Easter….


Things to keep away from dogs….


Hot cross buns – all those raisins are toxic to dogs, not to mention the sugar overload so keep them out of reach.


Chocolate – the darker the chocolate, the worse it is, as well as the quantity eaten by your dog.  Chocolate eggs are everywhere so keep them off the floor, or separate your dog to another room with their own stuffed West Paw Toppl or other feeder toy whilst your children much away on the sticky stuff. (Here is a link to our blog about feeder toys to read next!)


Foil and plastic wrappers – all those eggs come in lots of packaging, and the foil wrappers can cause a host of problems blocking your dog’s digestive system.  Make sure they are all thrown away before your pooch gets close.


What you can do with your dog……

Alternative Easter Egg Hunt


Traditionally you hide small chocolate eggs around your house or garden for children to find, but when you have a dog, this can be dangerous.  Your dog’s nose will probably beat the children to the food and can you be sure that all have been found before you release your hound into the garden?


Instead, make small paper/cardboard Easter figures – think rabbit ears, eggs, or any other shape and hide them instead.  Maybe one shape can have the name of one of the children and that would be the star prize to find (to avoid any hoarding or tears!).  Then the shapes collected are then exchanged for treats and eggs at the end, away from the dog.  Maybe even colour code for each child so a more even distribution of bounty is given.


For the dog to join in at the same time, as well as hiding the figures, hide some chicken or other treats for your pup to find – then all can enjoy the hunt together.


Easter Lunch


We all enjoy a family roast dinner to celebrate, so before you add any salt or sauces to your dinner, put a bit of the lamb and veg to once side, allow to cool and then your dog can have a lovely tasty meal too – or use them to top their regular dinner later.

Time off work fun


Make the most of the Bank Holidays and time off work by exploring somewhere new to walk.  Pack a rucksack with bowl, water and treats for your dog (and maybe a flask of tea for you), and head off to pastures new for a long stroll.  Dogs LOVE sniffing new areas, so let them fill their boots – or nose!  Or maybe you now have time to visit the beach.


Wherever you go, have an adventure!  Our dog’s don’t live long enough so make the most of the time you have with them even if you get lost, muddy but have fun in the process!


Whatever you do – or don’t do – have a happy and safe Easter with your dog.