Another great dog podcast invited me to talk about Separation Anxiety in dogs and how that affected my life, and some guidance about dealing with it.


Niki French runs Puptalk -training and the name of her podcast, author of the book Stop Walking Your Dog and founder of the awareness day Don’t Walk Your Dog (2 April).


I run my podcast too – Calm Dog Happy Life – where I discuss all things dog training and Separation Anxiety, but I also love spreading the word about SA and how this panic disorder in dogs can be debilitating for not only the dog, but you as their guardian too.  Feeling like a prisoner, not able to join in social events or not even able to go the local shop can have massive impacts on your mental health.  For the dog, being in such a hyper alert state to the possibility of being left alone, and any stress from actually being left is bad for their mental and long term physical health.   Knowing your dog is distressed and destructive is not helping you either.


It’s important to raise not only the issue, as a recent survey showed that over half of owners who had dogs who had SA didn’t know  – or didn’t care.  Maybe they just didn’t know how to help their dogs, or really understand the depth of emotions your dog is having.  It’s a phobia however it can be helped.


I want to share the info far and wide so that all owners are aware, know if their dog is suffering, and where to go for up to date, scientific help from a Certified Specialist – such as myself!


Being a guest on colleague’s podcasts is a step forward in the awareness of SA in dogs and also it is enjoyable for me to chat to fellow professional trainers too.  I’m more than happy to share my personal experience with my dog Reba, as she led me down this path and shaped my business to now help others who’s dogs cannot be left home alone.


To listen to my chat with Niki on her podcast platform, the link is here….


My podcast is available to listen on my website, but also you can see me in action on my new You Tube channel – Pippin Pets- link here…..