This weekend (25th June), I was lucky enough to be asked to do a radio interview on the Nicky Patrick Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Surrey.

Each Saturday morning, they have a slot near the end of the show to highlight local businesses, and being an animal lover, I was asked to talk about Separation Anxiety.

I had to record some demo answers for the promo – not sure when these were played in the lead up, but for the actual 8-10 min interview I had my plan.

Then on the morning, I was tuned in and heard the announcement of me joining later and asking about chewing as well as Sep Anx!

I had to quickly think on my feet – a skill all dog trainers should have – we are adaptable!  I was prepping for a class so sat in my car all ready, looked down to my phone – no service……..  a quick dash across the field later, found a patch for service to come back just in time for my call.  Typical, helicopter went overhead, tractor went past, lost connection for a bit, and then had some clients arriving and coming over to me.

Trying to concentrate on the call, trying to move away from my clients and signaling them to stop where they were – of course they didn’t understand my waving…and a slo-mo comedy sketch later, I was done -phew!

Nerve-wracking as it was my first ever live radio interview (or any radio interview actually), stressful with all the commotion, but really happy that I managed to get through it all!  Not quite to plan, but when is life like that??

Anyway, have a listen here…