I was recently asked to be interviewed on my mentor’s podcast about being a Separation Anxiety trainer and having a dog with SA.  This is a very exciting opportunity to be part of her worldwide audience of listeners.

Julie Naismith is a world renowned Sep Anx expert and I am proud to be part of her growing army of SA trainers to help with owners whose dogs cannot be left home alone.  I have first hand experience – my own dog had terrible separation anxiety and is hyper- attached, along with being claustrophobic!  Not knowing how to help her overcome this disorder, and needing to get some of my life back, I found Julie and have not looked back since.

So when clients contact me for help, I can totally empathise, and relate to their difficulties of living with a SA dog, and can show them how the training can transform their lives, as well as that of their dog.

Click here to listen to the interview!

Happy listening……