New owners are often confused about what is socialisation?

What we really mean is two things:

1) teaching our puppy to interact nicely with other dogs such as showing respect (not bullying other dogs) and to be calm on greetings

and 2) not being bothered by all the things happening around them.  This is habitualisation.

For the first, we want them to meet all sorts of dogs but we need to make sure that each interaction is pleasant, so that they have a positive association with all dogs.

For the second point, we want them to notice but not be scared by all the crazy stuff out there in the human world so if your dog shows any signs of stress (lip licking, moving away, freezing), then don’t rush them.  Let them explore at the distance they feel happy with, praise them for being brave, and of course reward with some tasty treats!

Below is a list of some common things that is good to expose our pups too.

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